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In response to nitrosamines present in pharmaceutical products, the European Medical Agency (EMA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) have published requirements and limits related to nitrosamine contaminants. Therefore Brightlabs has developed and validated multiple methods to determine low level concentrations of Nitrosamines.
These methods can easily be adapted to different drug substances or drug products. For you as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, these methods can help in a proactive approach as part of a risk assessment of your products.

About Brightlabs

Brightlabs is het laboratorium voor alle analytische vraagstukken voor de farmaceutische industrie. Het is hierbij onze missie om onze klanten te helpen bij hun farmaceutische ontwikkelingsprojecten en QC testen. Hiervoor biedt Brightlabs een breed scala aan fysische, chemische en microbiologisch analyses aan, van grondstof analyse conform farmacopee, zuiverheid van een drug-substance tot QC analyse aan drug-products. Hierbij werken we nauw samen middels co-creatie om hiermee snel en efficiënt tot een succes te komen.

Brightlabs analyses:

  • Elemental impurities
  • Residual solvents
  • Nitrosamines
  • …and many more

We have experienced Brightlabs to be a very well accessible company with experienced personnel, which is able to tackle development issues rather fast. Due to their accessibility it was easy to move these projects forward and finalize them within a very short time period (about 6 months for all projects combined). We look forward to perform new projects with Brightlabs.

Sander Pouwels, Regulatory Affairs Manager | Interdos

Since the begging we received all support Business Development and from Laboratory Team, with whom we have been working closely. Method Validation run smoothly and product analysis by GC MS/MS is now on going. With join efforts and combined forces, always reachable by e-mail or call on teams, weekly planning and product demands are managed daily to meet demanding deadlines. More than a contact Lab we now consider Bright Labs as a partner.

Mehdi Sharifi, Aurobindo

Brightlabs consist of a reliable, flexible and nice team of people with a proactive approach and good knowledge of the business. Furthermore, they deliver services of high quality and according the set timelines. It is great to work with them!

Hans van der Steen, Avivia

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