Bart Kuijpers

General Manager

Bart is an entrepeneur, founder and operationally responsible at Brightlabs. He has a background in analytical chemistry and business administration. He started his career at Alcami (pharma industry) and has 15 years of experience in operational management of an analytical chemistry department in a pharmaceutical organisation. He founded Brightlabs in 2015. His passion is health and wholesome nutrition.


Bart Jansen

Director Business Development

Bart is an academically schooled analytical chemist, with a pragmatic ‘can do’ mindset. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry and, after a few years, made the transfer to a R&D environment in the industry. Here, Bart was responsible for translating internal customer questions to feasible analytic chemical tests. After working with chromatographic equipment himself for over 10 years, he changed to a sales position as product specialist (U)HPLC and LC-MS(MS) for Shimadzu. Bart has been part of the Brightlabs team since 2018.

Jeroen Wijker

Account Manager

Jeroen has numerous years of experience at a commercial laboratory under his belt. He started as a QC analyst at the laboratory, then transitioned to the position of supervisor QC, and finally worked as account manager in the commercial direction. Jeroen knows the ropes when it comes to analysis under GMP and following methods as described in the pharmacopoeia. With over 20 years of experience in analytical chemistry, Jeroen has been part of the Brightlabs team since 2020.

Tommie Heijmans

Account Manager

Tommie graduated in 2018 from at the Fontys University of Applied Science where he received his HBO bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, specializing in Analytical Science & Materials. Because of his passion for sales, he immediately dived into the commercial branch of the laboratory world. Now, Tommie has over five years of global sales experience within the laboratory equipment and consumables market. Since 2023, Tommie has been part of the Brightlabs team.

Andrea Butzen

Technical Operations & Quality Manager

Andrea is a pragmatic manager with a wide knowledge of analytical chemistry. After her dissertation research she has had executive positions in the field of analytic chemistry at numerous companies. Each company has profited from her passion while she improved the quality systems GMP and ISO17025. Andrea joined the Brightlabs team in 2018.



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