At Brightlabs we divide our activities in three pillars: R&D, complex routine and routine. Within these three pillars we analyse both the active ingredients in fruits and vegetables, as unwanted substances such as crop protection agents and heavy metals. While doing this, we usually focus on the divergent analysis questions.
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The customer question is central to our strategy, so we ask questions and give input in order to come to the right results. We have, for example, cooperated with our customers to develop methods to measure the active ingredients in tomatoes or the fragrance in rose petals. Sometimes this concerns a one-off research, but just as often the research results in a routinely analysis method that is applied in our routinely analyses.

These are often analysis methods that, at first, may seem simple, but often do demand a complex sample pretreatment. Examples are the analyses of crop protection agents in a complex matrix such as dried herbs, or the analysis of amino acids including complete hydrolysis.

Examples are the analysis of Vitamin D2 and D3, heavy metals, and small organic acids such as acetic acid and formic acid.


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